• We offer a wide range of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to offer convenience to EV owners to charge vehicles at any location.
  • Our products are available in AC & DC Models in various configurations suitable for Retail Shopping Malls, Commercial Buildings, Fuel Stations, Highways, Parking Lots, Metro / Rail Stations, Residential Complex, Public and Private spaces
  • eVerve - AiPower offers innovative products to provide smarter, sustainable, reliable and emission-free eMobility solutions
  • Our products have all the certifications required to be installed in the Indian market



  • Compact & high quality AC Chargers (wall mounted & stand-mounted) in 7KW / 15 KW / 22 KW / 30 KW Models
  • DC fast Chargers - 60 KW / 90 KW / 120 KW / 150 KW / 180 KW with IP 65 rating suitable for Indian Climatic conditions
  • Chargers are designed with robust technology for the next generation vehicles to promote eMobility
  • Cloud based platform & App for network monitoring & operations.
  • Integration with Payment Gateway & RFID Cards
  • Customized Solutions for Clients



  • AiPower has partnered with Shanghai Jiao Tong University under the University – Industry Research program & has a strong team of 200 Engineers working in Research & Development
  • AiPower has 27 patents registered in their name & have CE, ISO, SiT, IEC certifications for its products which meet Global Standards
  • AiPower has actively participated in formulation of New Energy Automotive Industry Standards & promotion of new energy vehicles. Its subsidiary, Shenzhen Electric Pile Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd. is successfully listed in Qianhai Equities Exchange Centre (Listing Code: 367281)